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Supporting the local community

Plantarama supports the local community

photo taken at St Clare's Christmas Fair supported by Plantarama Garden Centre

Plantarama Garden Centre recently helped St Clare’s parish in Brookfield by donating a beautiful decorative planter for their Christmas Raffle.

Fund-raising organiser Mrs Maureen Dowd, said

Thanks once again to Jane and Andy of Plantarama Garden Centre for their very kind donation of this beautiful planter. Plantarama Garden Centre have been generous benefactors of St Clare’s parish for a number of years. Our thanks to them.

Christmas Tree Care Tips

How to Keep your Christmas Tree Fresh

and prevent needle loss

Over recent years, scientists at the Forestry Commission discovered that it is possible to encourage a CUT Christmas tree to drink water and so prevent the drying out process that leads to the tree droping needles. Even without roots, the tree continues to drink water via pores in its bark and therefore stays fresh despite the effects of central heating. The Christmas tree takes up water by capillary action in the same way as a cut flower. Just like a cut flower, it is absolutely essential that you put your tree in plain water (not a soil or sand mix) and keep that water topped up throughout the Christmas period. Continue reading Christmas Tree Care Tips

Bird feed

photo of packs of bird food

Don’t forget to feed the birds this winter

Value pack bird feed

Suitable for seed feeders, loose on tables or on the ground

Ideal for all year round

Only £1.99 per 0.9kg pack

We also have special offers on loose seed feed

Value pack Bird Nuts

Suitable for bird tables, hanging or mesh feeders.

Only £1.99 per 0.4kg pack

Supporting bio-diversity

Bird seed and nuts attracts many types of birds including,

  • Bullfinches
  • Greenfinches
  • Tree Sparrows
  • Starlings
  • Blue Tits, and,
  • Long-tailed tits

to name but a few.

photo of a long-tailed tit
(Photo of a long-tailed tit in a customer’s garden near Plantarama Garden Centre)