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photo of Raspberry Autumn Bliss

Rubus idaeus

Autumn Bliss

Fruits in Autumn right up until the first hard frosts.

As with all autumn fruiting varieties, ‘Autumn Bliss’ fruits on the current years growth and so should be cut down to the ground each winter.

This variety has quality fruit and is ideal for jam making and freezing.

photo of Raspberry Malling Jewel

Malling Jewel

An all-purpose and reliable variety.

Flavour is very good.

Canes are quite compact, so this is a good variety to plant where space is restricted.

Raspberry plans are available in 10 litre pots, up to 5 canes per pot £5.99 each


photo of Cherry Stella

Prunus avium


Sweet, juicy cherry which is reliable and heavy cropping.

The first self-fertile, but also a good pollinator for other cherries.

Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit.

photo of Cherry Sunburst


Large fruit, sweet with wounderful flavour.

Ripens late July.

Self fertile and very productive.

Best grown in a sheltered situation.

Suggest pruning to a minimum to prevent diesease infection (best carried out as light tipping during the current season).