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Kelsae Exhibition onion

photo of Kelsae Exhibition onions

The Kelsae Exhibition onion, our vegetable seed of the month for February 2011.

Fancy having a go at growing price winning onions? Now is the time to sow (January/February).

Easy to grow! Just sow in trays of seed compost with 1.5cm (half inch) of compost, firm gently and keep moist. Keep in propagator or cover with polythene and keep in a warm place.

Germination will take approx 14 to 28 days. Once seedlings are big enough to handle transplant into cell trays, place into cold frame or in a sheltered area and cover over during cold weather.

By the end of April they will be ready to pland out into garden. Plant out 12 inchs apart incorporating plenty of organic compost and organic fertiliser and keep moist. Water every two weeks with liquid seaweed. By August to September your bulbs will be ripe; when the leaves turn yellow and the skin begins to peel away, lift carefully and lay in rows to dry, then they are ready to show.