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Good luck with Cherry Trees

Cherry blossom trees are ideal for small gardens. The bees love the flowers. In Japan, flowering cherry trees are considered to be a sign of good luck.

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Prunus ‘Kiku-shidare zakura’

photo of Prunus 'kiku shidare zakura'Commonly know as Cheals Weeping Cherry. Very popular small tree with drooping branches wreathed with deep pink, fully double flowers during April. Spring foliage is bronze-green, later turning glossy green. Perfect in small gardens. Height and spread in 20 years 2.5m x 2.5m. Any well drained soil.

Prunus ‘Shirotae’ (Flowering Cherry)

photo of Prunus 'shirotae'Beautiful, wide-spreading tree with drooping branches that carry single or semi-double fragrant, snow-white flowers in long, drooping clusters during April. Attractive fringed green foliage. Non- evergreen. Height and spread in 20 years 3m x 5m. Any well drained soil will do.

Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ (Purple-leaved Plum)

photo of Prunus 'cerasifera nigra'A very attractive tree with leaves and stems of blackish-purple. Covered with pink flowers in the spring. Decorative from spring to autumn. Dark foliage creates an attractive contrast. Non-evergreen. Height and spread at maturity 10m x 10m Any well drained soil.

Elaeagnus Pungens Maculata

Elaeagnus Pungens Maculata

Surely one of the most attractive of foliage shrubs, retaining its golden variegated foliage throughout the year. Ideal for using as a contrast to purple-leaved shrubs. Use as a specimen or for mixed shrub border.

The Royal Horticultural Society has given it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Height and spread: 2m x 2m
Position: Full sun to medium shade
Plant care: can be trimmed to create a compact shrub.

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Fruit trees now in stock!

Plum, Greengage and Cherry trees

Plum Czar: dark plum, good for jam making, and very productive
Greengage (Prunus domestica italica): Medium green fruit with juicy yellow flesh – ideal for desserts and liquers
Cherry Lapins: Large black juicy fruit

Apple trees

Family apple trees are ideal were space is limited to give a variety of apples on one tree.
Family fruit trees: Bramley, Cox, James Greeve
Family fruit tree: Spartan, Katy
Cox’s Orange Pippin: self-fertile, heavy cropper
Worcester Pearmain: Delicious orange and red fruit, very juicy and sweet.
Egremont Russet: the most popular Russet, juicy nutty flavour, ripens October
Suntan: Large yellow, green, with flush red, ripens October
Fiesta: sweet and crisp, very heavy cropper, good subsitute for cox’s in exposed areas, ripens October
Bramley seedling: THE most popular and best cooking apple.
Suntan: Large flushed red fruit, ripens October.
Pitmaton pineapple: Russet colour with small conical golden fruit with distinctive pineapple flavour.
James Grieve: very juicy with a tangy flavour. Ripens September.
Jonagold: crisp and rich eating apple, excellent keeper. Ripens October.

Pear trees

Beure hardy: Rust brown, firm skin soft and juicy, harvest mid-September
Doyenne du comice: Fine dessert pear, medium to large fruit, flavour superb, ripens October
William Bon Cherter: early dessert variety, ripens August, sweet and juicy
conference pear – the ever faithful pear, hard to firm skin, stores well.

Other fruit trees are avalible to order on request from November to April this is the period the growers dig up the trees ready to plant.

All fruit trees are grown on semi – dwarf stock making them ideal for small gardens.

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